Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
Eldritch Force
5 Days

Spell Incant:
With Eldritch force I build a Ward

Spell Description:
This spell magically seals a single room or an entire building. The object so affected must be an actual unmovable structure such as a building, a tent, or an unmovable wagon. When the spell is cast, a magic barrier will then appear enclosing the area. All portals into the area are sealed by the barrier, including windows. Nothing may enter or leave except for air itself. No gaseous forms, gases, weapons, spells — nothing. This spell allows only one portal into the structure. To indicate the presence of a Ward and the location of the one portal, a large “W” must be placed on the door with masking tape. The “W” must be placed on the portal prior to casting this spell, and this must be performed in-game. Any observers will thus be aware that you are attempting to place a Ward or a Wizard Lock on the building. As soon as the spell is cast, the names of the persons who are invested must be written on the marshal’s notes attached to the back of the door, and the Ward spell tag with the “unused” flag ripped off must be taped to the door as well. Further, the date of the casting must be written on the tag. All persons within the Ward when it is cast are invested into the Ward. They may then enter and leave the Warded building at any time while the Ward is in effect. Once the Ward is cast, an invested member can, within the 5 days, cast Lesser Investment to invest other people into the Ward. In order to allow others to pass into or out of the Ward, they must be “recognized” by an invested member of the Ward. The invested member must clearly gesture, touch, or name the subject creature and must state “the Ward recognizes you.” This is an out-of-game statement, so it can be made while Silenced. The effect is understood in-game by all who hear it. Upon being recognized, a person must immediately enter or exit the Ward. If the recognized person does not immediately act upon the recognition, then the recognition will expire. Invested members who are unconscious (or conscious, yet unwilling) will not pass through the Ward unless recognized by someone else. When using combat skills or spells, you must be completely inside or outside of the Ward. For example, you cannot begin a spell incant while inside the Ward, and then step out and throw your packet. If the Ward is somehow destroyed and replaced with a new one, an out-of-game notice must be placed upon the Marshal’s Notes on the door. It is possible to Ward or Wizard Lock a smaller room within the Ward as long as the two rooms do not share the same portal. The outer Ward or Wizard Lock must be cast first. Wards are not affected by Dispel. The only way to remove a Ward is through ritual magic. The only way to tell if a building has been Warded or Wizard Locked is to observe the “W” on the portal. The people inside a Ward will not know that the Ward has been removed until they observe that the “W” is no longer on the portal.