Circle of Power

Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
Eldritch Force
One Hour

Spell Incant:
With Eldritch force I build a Circle of Power

Spell Description:
This spell allows the caster to inscribe a Circle of protection against harm. Before casting the spell, a visible, physical representation of the Circle must be drawn in the dirt or represented by something physical like chalk, a ribbon, or some string. This physical representation is in-game and can be erased, moved or stolen at any time before the spell is cast. The caster must be fully within the completed Circle. This spell cannot be cast until the phys rep is complete. Anyone who steps on the phys rep while it is being raised will be pushed inside or outside of the Circle (player’s choice), along with all possessions. The phys rep does not have to make a perfect circle, but if the phys rep is too big, or if the ends are not almost touching, then the spell is blown. A Circle of Power stretches up to 6' in radius and 10' tall and is a cylindrical dome with a flat bottom. The Circle has about the same amount of friction as a normal wall or floor, although objects and creatures cannot lean against, rest against, or be placed on top of the Circle. Larger Circles can be made by having multiple spell casters casting the spell simultaneously. For example, a 12' radius Circle may be made by two casters. The casters must say the incant at the exact same time for this to be effective. It is possible to surround a Circle with a larger Circle, but a smaller Circle can not be placed inside an already existing Circle. Nothing may enter or leave the Circle once it is cast, including spells, thrown gasses, weapons and creatures. Traps placed near the Circle will not affect anyone or anything inside; similarly, traps within the Circle will not affect anyone outside the Circle. Spells may be cast within the Circle, but cannot be thrown through the Circle. Air may pass through, but other gasses may not. A gaze attack such as a Vampire Charm can be effective through a Circle of Power. A Fae Curse can also be used through the Circle. Creatures inside a Circle are still considered inside Line of Sight. The spell lasts for one hour, but may be dropped by the caster at any time if he or she touches the Circle and states “circle down.” If there is more than one caster in a larger Circle, any one of the casters may drop the Circle. The statement “circle down” is out-of-game, although any observers who hear the statement are aware that the Circle was dropped, and they might know who dropped it. The Circle will also go down if the caster leaves the Circle magically or dies (needing a Life spell). If there is more than one caster, the Circle will remain up until all of the casters leave or die. The Circle is not affected by a Dispel. This spell can also be used to create a Circle that can be used for the casting of a Formal Magic ritual. If a ritual is started within one minute of the Circle being cast, the duration of the Circle of Power is extended to one hour and one minute.