Purify / Drain

Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
5 Minutes

Spell Incant:
I call upon Earth to Purify you / With Necromancy I Drain you.

Spell Description:
Drain: The victim becomes unable to use any Game Abilities. It can be removed by a Purify or a Dispel or by the death of the victim. If cast upon an undead, it will remove any Purify effects on the undead. It may be ineffective on certain creatures that have no metabolism. Purify: This effect will remove all harmful effects from the spirit, leaving protectives. “Harmful effects” includes everything in the effects groups Alteration, Binding, Command, Curse, and Necromancy. It will not remove effects in the Greater Command group even though those effects are on the spirit. It will not cure any damage previously wrought by any effect. Purify will not remove effects that are not on the spirit (such as Entangle, Prison, Wizard Lock, or Walls of Force). This spell will affect an undead as a Drain affects the living. It is also a very good in-game cure for an in-game hangover.