Stun Limb

Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
Eldritch Force
5 Minutes

Spell Incant:
With Eldritch force I Stun your <limb>

Spell Description:
This effect causes the target’s limb to unusable. The limb should be specified by the caster (right or left leg or arm). If the caster does not specify it is the victim’s choice as to which limb to have withered; however, you may not choose a limb that has already been withered. You can have up to four stun limb spells active upon you at a time. If further Stub Limbs are cast upon you, then the earliest Stun Limb will be replaced and you must start counting the 5 minutes from that point. No weapon may be wielded by that limb nor may the limb be used for locomotion or spellcasting. Only an arm or leg can thus be stunned. Tentacles or similar appendages are considered arms for this purpose. The head, tongue, or any other such organs do not count as limbs. A Restore or a Purify will heal all stunned limbs. A Dispel will likewise restore all limbs but will also remove all other magics upon the recipient.