Destroy Undead / Create Undead

Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
10 minutes

Spell Incant:
I call upon Earth to Destroy Undead / With Necromancy I Create Undead

Spell Description:
Create Undead: This spell only works on a corpse that has neither previously been animated nor is perma- nently dead. It will pull the character’s spirit back to reanimate its former body. The result- ing zombie will then follow the caster’s com- mands as if a Control Undead spell had been cast upon it. Note that this spell must be cast within the five-minute period between a character’s death and the point where the spirit heads to the Earth Circle for resurrection. This spell will not af- fect a living target, although it will remove a living person’s Spell Shield or Reflect Magic. If you are raised, you cannot then “choose to die.” A character under Create Undead will also have a new 5 minute Death Countdown started if they are taken back to 0 Body Points. The zombie uses none of the skills that the character has. It inflicts base weapon damage. Destroy Undead: This spell will destroy any one lesser undead creature. Greater undead will take 50 Body Points of damage. This spell will not affect a living target, although, like all spells, it will remove a living person’s Spell Shield or Reflect Magic.