Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
10 minutes

Spell Incant:
I Command you to be Charmed

Spell Description:
While Charmed, the victim must perform actions to the best of his or her ability and knowledge, including the use of spells and skills. The victim does not have the ability to pick and choose less effective abilities to use, nor may they choose to not perform certain commands due to their personality or race. For example, if the victim knows that the person who Charmed them is undead, and that person commands the victim to heal them, they will not only cast necromancy on that person but will not be able to choose to use less powerful spells if they have more powerful ones available that are needed. Similarly, if a Flame Elemental Charmed someone, and that character knew that Flame Elementals are healed by Flame, they would do their best to use Flame to heal the Elemental if commanded. The caster may attempt to convince the victim via roleplay of a variety of things. No matter what, the victim of a Charm cannot refuse any of the following commands: Defend me: The target must protect the caster from all attacks to the best of their ability, even if it requires using spells and magic items. Follow me: The target must follow the caster. Give your <item> to me: The target must give the named item to the caster. Heal me: The target must make every attempt to heal or Life the caster. During this time the target will not attack anyone and will do everything possible, including fighting their allies, to prevent the healing from being stopped. Return to normal: This command ends the Charm effect. If a character is Charmed to multiple people, the latest person Charming them will take precedence if their roleplay/commands conflict with those from others who have Charmed the victim.