Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
Eldritch Force

Spell Incant:
With Eldritch force I Banish you

Spell Description:
This spell forces a creature not native to the current plane to return to its home plane or expend a significant amount of energy remaining where it is. Creatures already on their home plane are immune to the Banish effect. This spell usually only affects elementals, fey, and extraplanar creatures (NPCs should check the creature type on the monster card), but may affect other types at the discretion of the Plot Committee. PCs may be affected by this spell in certain circumstances to be announced beforehand by the Plot Committee. Lesser elementals, lesser fey, and lesser extraplanar creatures affected by this spell instantly dissipate as if slain, leaving behind anything carried. An affected creature with the abil- ity to Rift In or Rift Out may not use that ability until the next game-day. For example: Sparky is a Lesser Flame Elemental who has decided to visit his “friends” on Fortannis on Friday night. Belthivis thinks little of this and casts a Banish at the creature, who dissipates instantly, unable to visit Fortannis again until the next game-day (usually the next night, after Logistics). Greater elementals, greater fey, and greater extraplanar creatures affected by this spell take 50 points of damage. If slain by this damage, the affected creature cannot Rift In or Rift Out until the next game-day. This spell usually has no effect on normal living or undead creatures, but, like all spells, will still remove a Spell Shield or Reflect Spell.