Turn Undead / Control Undead

Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
10 Minutes

Spell Incant:
I call upon Earth to Turn Undead / With Necromancy I Control Undead

Spell Description:
This spell will affect one lesser undead creature, causing it to run from the caster as if affected by Fear (see page 118). The undead will immediately attempt to break Line of Sight and can use no Game Abilities while trying to escape. If breaking Line of Sight is impossible, the undead will stay as far away from the caster as possible. Even if Line of Sight is broken, the effect lasts ten minutes or until the creature (or caster) is dead. The undead will defend itself if cornered and unable to escape. A Dispel or Control Undead will rid the creature of this spell, allowing it to return. One casting of Control Undead will remove all Turn Undead effects. Greater undead are not affected by this spell in the same manner, although they will be affected as if a Shun were cast at them. This spell will not affect a living target, although it will remove any creature’s Spell Shield or Reflect Magic.