Healing Arts


This skill may only be purchased once.

Requires Educated as a prerequisite.

Requires First Aid as a prerequisite.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
6 6 4 2 2 2 4

Passive. This skill, which represents basic medical knowledge, is required to learn any Earth spells.

A character with Healing Arts can determine if someone is diseased, sleeping, paralyzed, dead, bleeding out, unconscious, or merely faking injury upon examining them. The exact extent of injuries can be determined as well.

A person with Healing Arts examining a hurt body can tell exactly how many points of healing are necessary for complete recovery. (Asking “How many Body Points are you down?” is an out-of-game question; you should ask it quietly and then in-game you can say “Ah, I see that a small Cure Wounds is all you need.”)

This skill will not allow you to tell if a creature is under the effects of an alchemical substance or if the creature has any in their system. It will not allow you to determine death by poison, necromancy, or the use of spells or similar inobvious means. It will, however, allow you to determine if the damage was caused by an edged or blunt weapon or by claws.

Since this skill represents checking pulse and otherwise examining the body, it cannot be done instantly.

In order to use this skill, the person must touch the subject and role-play an examination. The amount of time it takes to perform the examination is determined by the length of the questions being asked but in no case less than three seconds.

Before asking any questions, you must say “Healing Arts” so that the recipient is aware that the questions being asked are not actually being said in-game and thus must be answered. Since these are out-of-game questions, they can be asked and answered while under the effects of a Silence.

These out-of-game questions can only include the following: How many Body Points are you down? Were you damaged by edged weapons or claws? Were you damaged by blunt weapons? Are you diseased? Are you sleeping?Are you paralyzed? Are you drained? Are you regenerating? Are you unconscious? Are you bleeding out? Are you dead? How much time until you <wake up,become conscious, stop being diseased, become unparalyzed, die, resurrect>?

A player representing a permanently dead body should respond to “Are you Dead?” with “yes,” and “How long until you resurrect?” with either “Never” or “Not applicable.”

You may not ask questions like the following: What is your maximum amount of Body Points? Were you killed by necromancy? Were you killed by celestial spells? Were you poisoned? Was that guy running away the one who killed you?

If this skill is used to ask an inexplicable answer (such as asking a living person “How long until you resurrect?”), the recipient should answer “Not applicable.”

You cannot use Healing Arts on a conscious person without their knowledge. It is always obvious that you are using your skill. Shaking hands or touching someone’s shoulder will not give the results that a real check-up would.

A conscious person thus can prevent Healing Arts from being performed unless bound or similarly restrained.

Healing Arts can be performed through Binding effects such as Web and Pin but not through effects that block physical contact such as Prison and Circle of Power.

Certain creatures are not affected by Healing Arts. Creatures that have “No Metabolism” or “Alien Metabolism” or “Animal Metabolism” on their monster card should state “No Effect” when someone attempts to use Healing Arts upon them.

If a creature has an alien metabolism and the skill Healing Arts, it may use Healing Arts and may also use Healing Arts upon creatures of the same type. For example, a Naga with Healing Arts may use Healing Arts on another Naga effectively, but may not use Healing Arts on a giant spider.

Creatures with no metabolism may never have Healing Arts used on them effectively, even by other similar creatures with the skill Healing Arts. For example, an undead death knight with the skill Healing Arts cannot use that skill on another death knight.