Empowered Strike


This skill may be purchased multiple times.

Requires 20 XP spent in the skill group "Martial" per purchase

Requires one of the following Earth Level 3 or Celestial Level 3 as a prerequisite.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
5 5 5 4 4 3 4

Daily, Meditatable. This character may, once per Logistics period per purchase, expend a spell from memory to swing once for "Spell Strike <spell>"; if the swing misses or is no effect, both the spell and this skill may be Meditated back separately. The spell may not be higher than 1st level; this limit increases by 1 level for every 25 Martial XP the character has spent. If used for a Necromantic spell, the spell counts as 3 levels lower than it actually is.

Example: Shea is an accomplished Spellsword and knows Empowered Strike. They have spent a little over 75 Martial XP and can thus use Empowered Strike for up to a 4th level spell. When their friend Luke is Slept by an enemy, they trigger an Awaken spell through their Empowered Strike and swings for " Spell Strike Awaken! " at Luke to wake him up.