Combined Strike


This skill may only be purchased once.

Requires a minimum of 75 XP spent in the skill group "Scholarly"

Requires a minimum of 60 XP spent in the skill group "Martial"

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
15 15 15 12 12 10 12

Passive. Once purchased, the character may expend any Signature Spell from memory as "X Spell Strike <effect>" via a weapon swing. If the weapon swing misses or is no effect, the spell may be Meditated back as normal. This may be done any number of times per Logistics period.

When expending an Earth Signature Spell, the character may choose to change the effect of this blow to the Body carrier, but will only inflict half as much damage (rounding up) as they would normally inflict with this ability when doing so.

Example: Zane the Earth Spellsword has purchased Combined Strike and has three 5th level Cure Wounds spells in memory. While fighting in a line battle against some enemy Undead controlled by an evil Necromancer, his ally Arai is struck down! He channels his healing power through his sword by expending one of his Cure Wounds spells, swinging at his friend for "25 Spell Strike Healing!" and Arai is brought back to consciousness! Next, Zane swings at the Undead in front of him, expending another spell to again call "25 Spell Strike Healing!" and destroy the foul creature. Finally, Zane rushes up to the living Necromancer, clad in a suit of plate mail, and decides to expend his last spell with a swing of "13 Spell Strike Body!" to harm the evildoer right through his armor!