Curse of Undeath

Aspect: Necromancy
Base Difficulty: 9
Catalyst Required: None
May Be Extended: true
Base Duration: 20 Logistics Periods
Casting Time: 10
Target Type: Spirit
Scroll Type: enchantment
NPC Only Ritual: false
Role Play Only: false

The Curse of Undeath Ritual enchants a Target Spirit and creates a Spirit Bottle. This Ritual must be cast within the same Ritual batch as at least one Transform to Greater Undead Ritual or else it immediately expires.

A Spirit Bottle is a Necromantic item that allows the Undead to Regenerate at its location, as if it were under the effect of a Regeneration ritual, for as long as they remain Undead. Additionally, the Spirit Bottle is considered to be the target of any and all Rituals that target the character’s Spirit. The Spirit Bottle created by this Ritual may be targeted by a Transfer Enchantment Effect to transfer the Curse of Undeath Spirit Bottle to another item with another in-game function, such as a weapon. When the Target Undead regenerates at its Spirit Bottle, all innate monster abilities are renewed, but all learned skills are at the state they were in prior to the death.

Removing the Curse of Undeath Ritual can be accomplished by casting a Gift of Life Ritual on the Spirit Bottle of the Target Undead character, per the rules of that ritual.

A Curse of Undeath Ritual can also be removed with a Destroy Earth Aspect Magic ritual cast on the Spirit Bottle, which will only ever affect the Curse of Undeath Ritual. This will immediately end the Curse of Undeath ritual effect on the target Spirit, but the Transform to Greater Undead will remain until the target resurrects.

When the Undead body next dies, the Spirit will resurrect as the Player Race of character they were prior to the casting of the Curse of Undeath Ritual. This is handled like a standard resurrection.

The Local Plot Committee should be notified in advance of the Ritual casting, so a proper experience may be supplied. The casting of this Ritual upon a Player Character will cause that PC to become an Non-Player Character under control of the Local Plot Committee. The Ritual Marshal must approve the bottle physical rep to be supplied by the PC and give it a tag as well as the PC. Deaths suffered by the character during this time, may not be bought back with goblin stamps or any other method, similar to those taken while under the effects of a Regeneration Ritual.

This Ritual requires 4 Reagents as listed on the scroll.


This ritual can not be spellcrafted.